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1SN Braided Hose

High Pressure Steel Wire Braided Rubber Hose

Standard:GB/T3683  EN853-1SN

Structure: The hose is composed of inner rubber layer made from oil resistant synthetic rubber, one layer of steel wire braided reinforcement layer and outer rubber layer made also from oil resistant and weather resistant synthetic rubber.

Application: Suitable for conveying hydraulic fluid such as alcohol, hydraulic oil, oil, lubricating oil, emulsion, hydrocarbon and so on.

Working temperature: -40 ºC - +100ºC

A. Regarding the hose and fittings assembly shall consider the following aspects;
  1. Working environment; environment temperature, weather condition and other external contact objects.
  2. Conveying medium: liquid, gas, paste, powder, or mixture of several media;
  3. Medium transmission mode: positive pressure transmission, negative pressure suction;
  4. Working conditions: pressure, temperature and flow of conveying medium; Pulse or motion frequency; Chemical properties of the medium;

B. Hoses and hose assemblies have limited service life. Factors leading to reduced service life include:

  1. The bending radius of the hose installation is too small, and the hose body is torsional deformation;
  2. Hose installation free length or movement length is not enough, squeezed, rubbed, stretched and twisted by external forces;
  3. The working temperature or pressure of the hose exceeds the designed working temperature or design working pressure;
  4. The hose connection does not meet the standard, and the quality of the buckle is unqualified;
  5. Poor operating conditions, hose outer rubber layer is polluted and corroded (such as spraying paint), mechanical damage, etc.;

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question)

1. Is sample available? Shall I pay for sample or delivery?

The samples are free. Customers pay for the delivery cost.

2. How long will I get my order?

General production time for 1x20 feet container is 10-15 days, for 1x40 feet container 20-25 days.

3. How will my order be packed?

All hose is packed by 2 plies of PVC film, inner is tranparent, outer is color and thick one. (Color can be ordered as customer like). Special packing like Reel and Pallet also available. Fitting is packed by 3 plies, carton, PVC bag and then pallet.

4. What should I do if I find quality problem in using?

12 months Quality Guarentee for all of our products. We offer replacement for any defective caused by non-human reasons.

5. Is it possible to visit your factory?

We warmly welcome you to visit our factory at any of your convenient time.


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